Friday, January 13, 2006

High tide for the boomers

Interesting article today in the NYT essentially restating the demographic reality that the white American majority's days are numbered. I find this comforting. It also goes a long way to explain the surge of conservatism in politics and law that currently is in the ascendant. I believe that what we are seeing, from Bush to Alito, is really no more than a final last attempt to lock power and influence in favor of the majority group. It will fail, just as all such attempts fail, as the demographic changes and new power alliances emerge.

Just what form those alliances will take is open to conjecture. Certainly, we are due for a resurgence of youthful activism and some generational conflict as the new boomlet - the children of the original baby boomers - moves to influence the social and political arenas. But more important than that will be the ethnic shift as immigrant groups and their descendents assume greater numbers and greater influence. Very interesting and exciting times ahead.

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