Friday, August 27, 2004


The first week back at week after a long vacation is always draggy and this one was no exception. Add to that a particularly muggy hot and humid weather pattern, and the result is one very sleepy me. Aside from that, all is well - it's Friday night, I gathered and bought enough new bits to build a new computer over the weekend, finally with a DVD writer, and treated myself to the complete Emma Peel Avengers DVD set as a slightly late birthday present. With a new nVidia 6800 GT also on the way in preparation for the upcoming release of 'Pacific Fighters', I am pretty much riding the just-sub-extravagant level of current computer hardware. Enough parts have been upgraded that I can build my son a PC of his own that would have been pretty much top-notch 18 months ago, and thus continues to remain pretty powerful even with the latest games.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Back From Vacation

Five weeks, mostly in England, and mostly without a computer. I barely missed it. I love getting such proof that my interests and obsessions can be completely switched off and rearranged. Should civilization collapse, I will survive in the ruins without too much difficulty!